Friday, October 21, 2011


I decided to change things up a bit and post some of my artwork. The ones that I will be posting today are sketches that, for the majority, are pretty old. I've only taken pictures of a few I've done, so there is a lot more to come once I find the remaining ones that are scattered throughout my house.

When I first started drawing about seven years ago, I was really big into anime. I watched everything from the English versions on Adult Swim to downloading extremely authentic Japanese shows with only English subtitles. I've also read tons of manga (which are basically comic books, or they can be called the book version of anime). Anyways, it's no surprise that my first hundreds of drawings were always anime style and usually of actual anime characters. To the left is Edward Elric from the popular Fullmetal Alchemist. This drawing has always been one of my favorites.

 I sometimes like to draw in a cartoon style. When I wasn't drawing anime, this was how my drawings looked. This one is actually a bit more recent, and was drawn only four or five months ago. I love classic cars and pin up girls.

This is another cartoon fashion drawing. People are always my favorite subject to draw, and generally I prefer drawing girls over guys. And I have a habit of making them look promiscuous and seductive

 This is an old drawing from two years ago. I was going for a corpse with deteriorating skin. . . in case that wasn't already obvious. It was part of a six picture series I had to do in art class based off of one character in a book/movie. I picked Lestat, the notorious vampire from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. Though you most likely couldn't tell this was him if I didn't tell you. I was going with the theme of death for this particular one instead of actual Lestat himself.

 Realistic portraits have always been my favorite to draw. I can't say I'm much good at drawing scenery or animals, but people have always been my thing. To the left is a drawing of Katy Perry I drew last year.

 To the right is a sketch of Lady Gaga. I drew it two years ago and it only took me roughly 45 minutes. The only reason I remember the time period is because it only took one whole art class. I'd love to be able to eventually draw actual people in person, instead of from a photograph, but I don't have any models. Maybe one of these days I'll just force some of my friends to sit down!

 This was a random doodle I started on a scrap piece of paper during a lecture. As I just made random marks and lines, I started to develop an idea of where I wanted it to go. So I took it and transformed it into this.

I still look back at my art work and see things that I wish I would have changed or done differently. For instance, I wish I would have made some clumps of hair coming out between the fingers. This way it would maybe make the hand holding the head look less awkward. It would be as if he was holding the head by the hair and not by the entire head itself. Maybe I'll redo it if I find time.

To the right is a memorial drawing I did for my mother about a month ago. The little girl is me when I was six, and the woman in the back is her when she was 25. We used to get all dressed up (fancy hair, makeup, big dresses, etc.) and have professional photographs taken of us all the time just for fun.

 This is a drawing I did a month ago as well. It is me (the one with black hair) and my eight year old sister (the one with blonde). It's based off of a picture I took several months before hand.

I think a lot of these would be ideal to either go back and fix up (either by redoing or editing the original) or to turn into paintings. In my recent drawings, I've tried to stay away from drawing things I see in photographs that other people have taken. That's always a bad habit. Now photographs and things I see are generally just inspiration for my own creations.

Any comments?


  1. I really like the girls. You really capture all the little details. Maybe one day you could draw my girls for me!!! The guys seem scary to me!

  2. You can use me and/or my kids as models anytime!! Maybe you could draw a prego portrait;) I absolutely love all your work! SO talented!!

  3. Tab you are so talented I love looking at your work. Some time I would love for you to do my family for us. You are for sure going to go places. You should start working on ones to sell. I am sure you could make some big bucks with your talent.